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Martine Hoping For Better Foundation

The name of the foundation is based on the double meaning of the word ‘better’. On the one hand of course ‘better’ in the sense of ‘not ill’. On the other hand ‘better’ is the hope that it will soon be ‘better’ than it is now.

The Foundation’s objective is to raise funds to finance medical or paramedical treatments, therapies, medications and travel expenses, as well as the funding of expenditure that (may) improve the quality of life and perform everything that is related to the former or may be conducive thereto, first in favor of Martine Siemelink diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, after whom the foundation is named.

The foundation is not recognized as a public benefit organization (ANBI) or of social significance (SBBI) by the Dutch tax authority. Its therefore that donations by companies are not tax deductible.

Martine Hoping For Better Foundation
Buizerdweg 24 A
7071 PS Ulft

Chairman: Marco Siemelink
Secretary: Nicole Siemelink
Commercial No: 856729930

Bank account number: NL26 RABO 0312 8143 05

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